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Legendary Tier


Price: 3500 BDT/ 3200 INR

This tier is for those who do not mess around, and want access to it all as fast as possible, while massively supporting the server's growth.

Perks for this pledge are as following:

  • Your name/steam identifier turns yellow in the scoreboard.

  • Early access to features that are still WIP.

  • Access to the /watermark command.

  • Get 8 character slots instead of 4. (Characters created in the extra slots will still be available after your pledge runs out!)

  • High priority in the queue. (This lets you bypass all players without any active priority as well as players with priorities from the lower tiers!)

  • Access to purchase exclusive vehicles under this tier and from the lower tiers.

This package expires after 31 days. All perks/benefits will then become unavailable.

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