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Respected Tier


Price: 799 BDT / 899 INR

Are you tired of waiting in the queue? If so, this is the perfect tier for you who aren't looking to spend a lot of money, yet still want a small boost in the queue.

Perks for this pledge are as following:

  • Your name/steam identifier turns orange in the scoreboard.

  • Early access to features that are still WIP.

  • Access to the /watermark command.

  • Get 8 character slots instead of 4. (Characters created in the extra slots will still be available after your pledge runs out!)

  • Low priority in the queue. (This still lets you bypass all players without any queue, meaning it's still (usually) very helpful)

  • Access to purchase exclusive vehicles under this tier.

This package expires after 31 days. All perks/benefits will then become unavailable.

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