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Legacy Roleplay Bangladesh's Basic Job Guide.
This guide will assist you with the knowledge you need to know to get a job within our city

-:Whitelisted Jobs:-

1. San Andreas State Police

2. Emergency Medical Services

3. Premium Deluxe Motorsport

4. Department Of Justice

5. State (ask in the city how to apply)

6. Bar and Clubs (ask in the city how to apply)

7. Mechanic (find out in the city how to apply)

8. Journalist

-:Unwhitelisted Jobs (Life Invader):-

1. Trucker

2. Taxi Driver

3. Waste Collector

4. Delivery Job

Whitelisted Jobs:

Job Application links can be found in the table above. For State and Bar and Clubs, find the relevant people in the city. You can ask anyone nicely and you'll likely be told where to go and how to find them.

Unwhitelisted Jobs:

At Life Invader you are open to being able to pick a wide variety of jobs. There are 6 for you to choose from. If you are unsure of which one you want to do, keep reading and gain a bit more of an understanding before you choose.

Unwhitelisted job_edited.jpg


As a transporter, you are living the American dream of being the backbone of companies' cargo transport. You will be required to purchase a transporter truck from the Southern Docks - this will cost you $2500 (found in the second picture with the orange truck) You will see many cargo stations around the city labeled by the "truck" (circled in red) or "upwards arrow" symbols (circled in blue). At these locations, you will select the cargo to transport, then it will give you the location of where the cargo needs to be delivered, you will be paid once it has been completed.

As a transporter, each delivery is differently paid than the next delivery. However, you are also paid a salary of $16.

Transport Hq.png
Transport Delivery Locations.png

Taxi Driver:

As a taxi driver, you get the opportunity to drive people around. The job itself is quite explanatory, you pick people up and drop them off at the desired location in exchange for money. After signing up for the job your first order of business should be picking up a taxi for $1500 (found in the picture below). This is a one-time payment and you receive full ownership of the vehicle. This vehicle is personal and thereby you have the ability to customize it. You also get access to the following commands: /taxireset, /taxidisplay, /taxihire and /taxifare. All commands show tooltips when typed up.

As a taxi driver, you are paid $24 every ingame hour, as well as any money made by driving people around.


Waste Collector:

As a garbage collector, you get the ability to keep the city clean. You are given a garbage truck and tasked with picking up trash in one of the cities in many neighbourhoods. The garbage truck can be picked up at the Waste Collector HQ (found in the picture below). Upon arrival, you will need to find the red arrow that should be located on a set of stairs in order for you to start the job. You simply drive to the assigned area and pick up the trash. You also have the ability to obtain random items when handling the trash. After collecting all the trash you simply return to HQ and drop it off.

As a garbage collector, you are paid $20 every ingame hour, as well as extra cash for every garbage run made.

Waste Collector Hq.png

Delivery Job:

As a delivery man, you deliver various packages to people's front doors. You are given a delivery truck and tasked with delivering the packages. The delivery truck can be picked up at GoPostal (found in the picture below). You then drive to the address, enter the back of the truck (this can be opened through "/door6" while seated in the drivers seat), pick up one of the packages, and deliver it. Once all packages are delivered you head back to GoPostal Building.

As a delivery man, you are paid $16 every ingame hour, as well as extra cash for every delivery run made.

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