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Godlike Tier


Price: 4999 BDT / 4888 INR

A tier for the true gods of the server. To show our appreciation for any fearless person who pledges to this tier, you will never (at least as long as the pledge is active) have to wait in a queue again. Instead of waiting for another slot to become available, we momentarily increase the slot count just for you, so you can get in without having to wait.

The perks for this pledge are as follows:

  • Your name/steam identifier turns to purple in the scoreboard.

  • Access to the /watermark command.

  • Get 8 character slots instead of 4. (Characters created in the extra slots will still be available after your pledge runs out!)

  • Access to purchase exclusive vehicles from all the lower tiers.

  • 1 Custom Plate/Phone Number Free.

  • Get 3 Luxury Autos cars for free

  • God Tier: Buddy Passes! Using a Buddy Pass, you can push a friend through the queue

This package expires after 31 days. All perks/benefits will then become unavailable.

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